Our Company was founded in the city from which it takes its name: Milan. Modern and hectic city, always up to date with trends and in continuous development. Progress, innovation and opportunities, are deeply bond with the life style of this metropolis where, enjoying of this influence, from more than twenty years our Company works developping together with the city. With passion and dedication we take care of wood and with extreme attention we follow all the production process; from the strict selection of raw material, to the various transformation processes, up to the finishing of surfaces to transform selected boards in high-quality and refined flooring. Milano Parquet looks to the future without forgetting experience and learning from the past and can in this way guarantee elegant and durable results.

Our goal

The challenge from the market consider a treatment of the surface that could be adapted to all the environment. In order to win this challenge Milano Parquet realized a coating system that allow to create an "invisible" film to cover the wooden flooring. The Company boasts indeed one of the major avantgarde system of finishing available on the market, a cycle of varnish with products at water base with "thin layer" system, in which the varnish is applied by fall, not only to protect the visible part of the plate, but also to reach the joint, in order to preserve the integrity during the various washing of the flooring itself. To give more resistance, the wood grid process happens through special UV lamps. The result is a high performance surface, resistant to wear, easily cleanable and resistant to chemicals. The world situation after the pandemic, will necessarily cause the employ of covering material that will respect the hygiene requirement from the new standard. Milano Parquet, specialized in finishing of wooden flooring,has been ready for a long time, having available water varnish with antibacterial property, anti mouldy and certifiyed self hygienizing.

Milano Parquet and environment

The quite complete absence of COV emission (or VOC Volatile Compound Organic) is the result of Milano Parquet and his tecnical partner research

COV = 156,02 g/mq

COV = 1,12 g/mq

Custom tailoring

Milano Parquet recognizes the importance of needs and wishes of its customers, therefore, besides flooring of collection in production, it offers the possibility to customize the format, essence and finishing in order to create unique flooring.

Milano Parquet flooring surfaces